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Psilocybe Semilanceata by kronik29 Psilocybe Semilanceata :iconkronik29:kronik29 0 1 Anarcho-taoist Emblem by kronik29 Anarcho-taoist Emblem :iconkronik29:kronik29 4 2
Reach Past It
Reach past the
Mirror Samsara
And begin to see
The world for
What it truly is.
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 0
Little Worms
Little worms
Squirm and writhe
On the blackened asphalt.
They squeal
And yelp
And wriggle about--
O, how I despise
Those putrid creatures!
Those repulsive knaves!
Those fallen putti,
Whose wings were
Rended from their backs--
Replaced instead with
Steel and rubber
And stylish scars,
They endlessly pedal
Their bikes in the
Sun-soaked streets
Of yesteryear.
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 1
Myths Are Only Myths
Ignorance of ignorance
Will be the
Ruination of us all.
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 0
Other Minds
Other minds
Are a mystery to me.
Looking past
The darkened sphere
That is one's eye,
I cannot find
A place to rest
That is familiar.
Now then,
How does one
Explore another's mind?
I see now
That one must eat it.
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 1
The Sunset Room
The smoke flickers
The girl reads
The man drinks
The son talks
All in the the Sunset Room
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 0
Greater Than Indra
The weaving essence
Penetrates my mind
   as a loving army--
Lifts my spirits
   as a wisp of cloud--
Renews me
   as a newborn babe.
O, blissful goddess!
O, weaver of the divine!
How do I express my love for you?
How do I transmit my enlightenment?
Do I furnish you with my riches worldly?
Do I pray for your favor?
Do I depict you in a masterpiece?
   do I consume you,
O, blissful goddess,
Weaver of the divine?
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 2
When cyclones come,
The sensible seek shelter;
The great build windmills.
:iconkronik29:kronik29 1 0
My Dream Girl
a gust of wind combs the city,
a cloud of thought whirls wildly in the sunlight;
a person sees it and
a tear streams down her face--
a dream girl of mine this is!
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 0
a bar in
a country pasture,
a dragon in
a sea of green
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 0
To name it
In terms of
Is to call it
The Causeless Cause;
To name it
In terms of
Is to call it
The Bearer of the Ten Thousand Things.
The ten thousand
Permutations of
This pattern,
Cannot encapsulate
Its essence;
For the Tao is,
Above all else,
The Mystery.
:iconkronik29:kronik29 1 1
God Is Great
The most beautiful thing I can think of is a sleeping person.
He is at peace with himself and the world.
Waking should be beautiful. It is natural. It is glorious in its nature.
All is well. All is beautiful.
It is true. It is just.
He is in harmony with the Tao.
All is pulsing, changing. God, it's beautiful!
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 1
The Mouthless Belly
Denizen of the underworld--
Forlorn and unempowered.
Break the order!
Revel in chaos!
For what does orthodoxy exist?
It is--I fear
It is for heresy to birth.
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 0
Nowhereland: Ch 4: Interlude
The Pack and I find ourselves once more on the freeway. The course is the reverse of the one we followed to get into the suburb. The Pack says something like “Turn up the music!” Techno music blasts me nearly into unconsciousness at that moment. I attempt to ask the Pack to turn down the music, but my pleas go unheard over it, though the Pack probably wouldn’t have turned the music down if it could have heard me anyway. The volume is now so deleteriously extreme that it seems to distort the music so that it has a demonic quality. The pupils dilate, the muscles contract. These demons grate at my ears, assaulting me for some unknown punishment rendered by fate. I relent and eventually lose consciousness somewhere along the road.
I wake up to a pounding tat tvam asi, Śvetaketu, tat tvam asi headache. The music has stopped for whatever reason. I look out the front windshield and see a figure in the barren, featureless distance –it is male, blue skin, dressed
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 0
Nowhereland: Ch. 5: The Movies
As the Pack and I wander through another vast parking lagoon, we eventually find our way to the front doors of the cineplex. I realized that today was the vernal equinox, with the moiety of night and day. The sign reads with a cursive script: " Welcome to the Nowhereland Mega Googolplex / Mojave Hotel and Casino Plaza!" As the cheap-looking paint job on the vaguely ziggurat-like structure with parabolic influences near, it absorbs me into its innards.
We enter into the ticket booth area. The walls are painted with the simplistic dissonance of a child's crayon drawings. The walls are flat -- lacking any features of dimension or reality. The paintings try to fool the eye so the brain doesn't protest at the bad taste of the place, yet they're so tacky and idiot-proof that any illegal immigrant from Brownpeopleland that the contractors could pick up off the streets could have painted it with his asscheeks. They ooze these cries: "Tear us down! Put us out of our misery! We weren't build to
:iconkronik29:kronik29 0 0


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Ancient Mind Rainbows by Astral-Haze Ancient Mind Rainbows :iconastral-haze:Astral-Haze 563 167 Pixelwall by CasualCasualty Pixelwall :iconcasualcasualty:CasualCasualty 10 51 All In One by Astral-Haze All In One :iconastral-haze:Astral-Haze 29 10 Dream Tree by Astral-Haze Dream Tree :iconastral-haze:Astral-Haze 43 4


RhesuShroom by rhesusmonkey RhesuShroom :iconrhesusmonkey:rhesusmonkey 57 45 technical itch by liqachu technical itch :iconliqachu:liqachu 37 24



Artist | Design & Interfaces
United States
Favourite genre of music: Anything with tabla or sitar
Favourite style of art: Cubism
Operating System: Ubuntu/OS X/Windows
MP3 player of choice: Creative ZEN
Wallpaper of choice: OS X Defaults
Favourite cartoon character: Zim
Personal Quote: "The highest mountains, the widest deserts, the oldest books: there you will find the stone.&am
Okay, from now on, let's try to keep all MCC-related communication on this website. It's RSS-enabled, so you can keep track of all the latest changes with ease. All full members can create posts and anyone can read them and comment. I also have a nifty calendar there so you can subscribe and keep track of all the meetings we're going to have in the coming months (years?!)

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blue-seme Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
DOOD.. How's the yoga?
kronik29 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009   Interface Designer
it's interesting... I'm not taking a typical, physical yoga class where you do positions and so forth. it's all about the philosophy and history of yoga as a religious tool.

my professor for the yoga: methods and goals class is austrian, and she has a really funny accent. funny as in hilarious. she also teaches sanskrit and pali.

the professor for the south asian history class is dutch, and he has a very funny accent as well, but he always has a black sweater strewn about his neck which is loosely tied at the sleeves.

the TA for another class I'm taking is german, and he speaks pretty good english, but it's extremely vulgar. he says 'mind-fuck' a lot.
blue-seme Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009
haha germans saying "mind-fuck"! what an image... and hooray for sweaters tied around necks.
Hidan-Jashin22 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2009
its Dillen
JWVisions Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2008
Thanks so much for the :+fav:
Please visit my gallery, there might be something you like.
You are very creative :)
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